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Team "Vector"

Team "Vector" from Russia, Dmitry & Irina Krylov, are active participants of the powerboat racing class P-750 - Thundercat Racing.

Founded in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the team has competed in the Russian National Championship since 2011, in the P-750 World Championship 2012 in Grimstad, Norway, and in the toughest inflatable boat race in the world - The Trans Agulhas Challenge - in 2012, 2013 in South Africa.

           Best Achievements:
1st - in the 2nd round of the Russian National Championship 2012
2nd - in the Final of the Russian National Championship 2012
6th - in the Surf discipline at the P-750 World Championship in Grimstad, Norway 2012
2nd - in the 1st round of the Russian National Championship 2013
2nd - in the Grossenbrode Cup, Germany 2013
4th - in the Trans Agulhas Challenge 2013
1st - in the International Saint-Petersburg Open Cup P-750 2014
1st - in the Russian Cup 2014


2013 Gemini - Especially for the Russian team the company made a new boat to compete in the Trans Agulhas.

                 Yamaha - offered a good deal in purchasing the engine, spare parts and oil.


2012  - Gemini made a new boat for the Russian team and sponsored it for us to compete.



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Trans Agulhas 2012/13






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